Global Rehabilitation in Motion

RGM is a system managed by a physiotherapist, which seeks to balance the body and joint stability, both at a preventive level, as appropriate to the needs and pathologies of people, with correct progressions and modifications, strengthening the center of the body and learning to use it. as previous support of the column.

The objective of this functional training is to have a healthy and painless body.

The Medical recommendation for Yoga, Swimming or Pilates is very common today, but in cases where the patient has a pathology with pain, it is essential to be approached by a health professional such as the Physiotherapist, with a work system that adapt to the needs of the patient, with experience, working by levels and with the appropriate material.

MOVIMIENTO CONSCIENTE: Aprende a conocer tu cuerpo para luego poder autocorregirte y conseguir un día a día sin dolor

It is progressive, without impacts and in movement, adapted to each person, pathology and age. It works from body awareness, concentration and maximum respect for our body, helping to recover injuries, achieve greater body functionality and prevent such injuries.

“CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT: Learn to know your body and then be able to self-correct and get a day to day without pain.”

RGM is a therapy that is based on scientific evidence and the benefits of conscious and controlled movement in the body. It is individual, global, analytical and functional, seeking to evolve from the pathology, to the root of the problem and return the total functionality of the body.
It is a System, which adds to the Clinical and / or Therapeutic Pilates, a specialized and adapted center for this purpose, musculoskeletal assessment focused on pathology and training, experienced professionals, work by levels and / or needs and complementary material.

In many of the medical interventions both at the preventive level, rehabilitation or recovery of pathologies the movement is recommended from the “first” moment, being logical that said movement must be instrumented by a system and health personnel, the physiotherapist.

The movement is an essential part of our life, when for pathological or pain reasons we have reduced or limited one of the most effective tools is Global Rehabilitation in Motion, a technique taught by a specialized physiotherapist.

Every day, bad postures, muscular atrophy, misalignment, lack of tone, not breathing properly, etc. With the passage of time it causes our body to lose functionality: Elasticity, range of joint movement, tensions and contractures, poor supports and postures, pain.

RGM principles

The principles on which Global Rehabilitation in Motion is based are logical and essential for each body:

Concentration and body awareness, opposition, conscious breathing, flexibility and elasticity, balance and muscle tone, center of strength, joint mobility, control and precision in movement, alignment, opposition, coordination and endurance, with this and progressively improve hygiene postural, functionality and quality of movement, which we will mechanize and impact on day to day, so as not to fall back on pathology and pain.

The patient is the essential part of the RGM, must be involved in the sessions, be constant and follow the indications inside and outside the clinic, performed by the physiotherapist.